Cloris Leachman Tweets Pictures Of Her Package

Today on The View, Joy brought up Cloris Leachman's Twitter account, which has over 23,000 followers. "What do you tweet?" Joy asked. Cloris replied, "I'm following Anthony Weiner's lead… I tweet pictures of my package. The trouble is, my package looks like something the airlines lost."


Cloris also talked about how she used to be a beauty queen: "I was all tits and ass in those days. Now I'm all ass and elbows." By the by: If Cloris Leachman wins an Emmy award for Raising Hope, she will have her 10th — more than any other actor or actress.

Just in case you're not convinced how awesome Cloris is: She also played piano while her son played the saxamaphone.

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meritxell: an erotic life

My favorite Cloris Leachman tale is the one in her autobiography about how she had sex with Gene Hackman:

"As we moved into the main course, it was as if a cosmic wind enveloped us. Some giant space magnet was pulling us together," Leachman writes. "We didn't finish the meal. We went upstairs, flew into bed and made love. It was epic. And the next morning, Gene went back to his film and I went back to mine. I haven't seen Gene since that night, but I remember well the feisty lad he was."