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When you're a female Secretary of State, sometimes you get asked what designers you wear — even moments after you mention that question as an example of sexism.


Hillary Clinton was in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan yesterday for a "townterview," where she talked about how hard it can be to practice law as a woman:

It requires, for a woman, usually in today's world still, an extra amount of effort because I think it's — the fact that women are still sometimes judged more critically. If you are in the courtroom or you are presenting a case, it still is a fact — and this is not just in Kyrgyzstan, this is everywhere — that when a man walks into a courtroom it's rare for someone to say, "Oh, look what he is wearing." (Laughter.) But if you walk into a courtroom, or any young woman walks into a courtroom, people are going to notice. And that will be an additional requirement that you have to meet.


A good point, though no surprise to most women working in law (or, really, many other fields). But just moments later, Clinton opened things up for more questions, and the moderator — who had been there the whole time — asked, "Which designers do you prefer?" Clinton gave him the benefit of the doubt for a minute, asking, "What designers of clothes?" (maybe she was about to mention Charles Eames or something). When he said yes, she asked, "Would you ever ask a man that question?" To which he responded, "Probably not."

One New York Magazine commenter speculates that the moderator was just messing around, although it's not a very funny joke: "Oh look, you were just complaining about sexism — well here is some sexism for you!" Maybe he was just trying to illustrate Clinton's point for anyone who didn't quite get what she was talking about. He can't use the excuse that he's not used to female heads of state — Kyrgyzstan has a female president (pictured with HRC). Whatever the case, good for Clinton for turning the question around on him (she reportedly got a big laugh and applause). Because as interesting as fashion can be when you're talking about fashion, it really is time to quit acting like a lady's clothes are the most important thing about her.

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