"Clinton Now Means Hillary, Not Bill, Who Stands In Her Shadow."

60 Minutes's recent Hillary Clinton profile includes a rare look inside her office, plus a question about whether she perceives "a viewpoint of gender bigotry, so to speak" (just say "sexism," it's shorter) when people ask what her husband thinks.

In this portion of the 13-minute segment (which can be viewed in full here, Clinton shows correspondent Scott Pelley her mementos of strong women who preceded her, including Eleanor Roosevelt. She also talks about her commitment to women's rights, to Pelley and at the United Nations, where they run into and joke around with Madeleine Albright.


Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton [60 Minutes]

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Once again, I get to say, I love Hillary.

I am forced to wonder, would President Hillary have more liberal balls/ovaries than President Obama when it comes to SC nominees, health insurance reform, immigration, etc?

Bill Clinton triangulated the hell out of everything, and ended up governing from the center. Hillary might have done the same thing, but at this point, Obama is just Bush-lite.