Claudia Conway Lives to Sing Another Day on American Idol

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Screenshot: ABC

Miraculously American Idol is still on the air and there are still enough people interested in auditioning to make an actual show. On Sunday night, the show kicked off its infamous Hollywood week, where the singers are all brought to California to fine tune their talents and perform once more for the judges before voting opens up to the television audience.


Claudia Conway, TikTok personality and child of Kellyanne Conway, is one such Idol hopeful, taking her shot at potential musical stardom. When we first saw Conway during on the road auditions in February, she was accompanied by her father, but on Sunday it was Kellyanne sitting in the audience nervously rooting for Claudia as she sported yet another scarf-as-shirt.

The young Conway sported a fresh new dye job and nails that could reach the heavens. What had not changed on Sunday’s episode was Conway’s deep and raspy singing voice, which she has yet to master. But I guess mastery isn’t important, as she was voted into the next round of competition by the judges.

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A month ago we were lamenting and regretting how we’d all been complicit in exploiting Britney Spears while her mental illness was raging. Now here’s Claudia Conway.  Why are we pretending this is ok?