Claire McCaskill's Daughters Are Just Like Us, But Way Cooler

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Here's another reason to be thrilled that Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill beat out Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin on Tuesday: her daughters, 23-year-old Maddie and 21-year-old Lily Esposito, are AWESOME. Here's why, in no particular order:

  • They're incredibly supportive kids. Maddie left her non-profit job in NY to join her mother on the campaign trail, and both daughters are game about being secretly photographed by their mom while sleeping. That's love.
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  • They have bomb fashion sense. Here's what they told NY Mag about their Election Night outfits:

    M: I like a lot of ugly things, like mixing three different patterns in the same outfit and wearing shoulder pads. I'm not a big fan of matching. There is nothing that can't be improved with a bold lip. The dress I wore on election night is from BCBG.

    L: The blue-sleeve sweater and my pants were Theory. I found the top at Beacon's Closet. As for my style, I like dressing like a boy most of the time.

  • And they're also endearingly bemused by all of the blogs that have now deemed them breakout fashion stars. The Atlantic Wire asked Maddie what it's like to get the paparazzi treatment:

    Did it make you think, "Oh, I'm glad I wore that... Option B outfit would have been bad..."? Or did you think, "Oh, I wish I'd worn X differently"?

    I really wanted to wear pants, but when I found out Lily was I decided to wear something else.

    What'd your sister say?

    I woke Lily up and showed her. We were laughing pretty hard and sort of embarrassed. We can't stop laughing at this one tweet that said "Claire McCaskill's daughter is so awkward. Why is her one sleeve blue?" She's confused as to why everyone is hating on the blue sleeve.

  • They're equally chill about being so meme-able in general — and aren't afraid to admit they use OkCupid! From The Atlantic Wire:

    We think it's funny but stupid. I went on an OKcupid date with a guy once and saw he tweeted something about it.


  • They dressed up as the Huntsman daughters impersonating Herman Cain's chief of staff, Mark Block, for Halloween. YOU GUYS.

In conclusion, I swear I'm not writing this piece in hopes that Maddie and Lily and I can all become the best of friends (email me?) and, perhaps, one day take the Obama daughters out to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolates.



Frozen hot chocolate seems to be something that has not come down to the hinterlands of Georgia where I live, because it's the first time I've heard of this deliciousness of which you speak.