City Dumps 38 Million Gallons of Water After Teen Pees in Reservoir

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The city of Portland, Oregon had to dispose of million gallons of water thanks to a stupid teen prank.

According to CNN, a group of teenagers were caught on video hanging out by a city reservoir when one of them thought it would be hilarious to pee in it for some reason. Because just plain old skateboarding on city property is not enough of a crime these days, I guess. Now the city has to flush 38 million gallons of its water supply to make sure no one gets any water contaminated with gross dumb decision teenager pee:

[The] incident took place about 1 a.m. Wednesday. Cameras captured three teens near the Mount Tabor Reservoir No. 5. One of them approached the iron fence and apparently got close enough to relieve himself directly into the reservoir.The three teens were apprehended, and the 50-million-gallon reservoir was taken offline for testing. Thanks to the teens, the Portland Water Bureau will have to dump 38 million gallons of drinking water, said administrator David Shaff.


All three teens received citations for trespassing; one was cited for public urination.


"Even though there is very minimal public health risk, the bottom line is that our commitment is to serve water that's clean, cold and constant," Shaff told Oregon Live. "That doesn't include pee. Not from people, at least."

If this doesn't disgust you enough, don't forget it's not the first time this has happened in Portland.

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... ... what does it say about me that I'm more disgusted by the city's decision to dump that much water than I am by the teen's decision to piss in it?