Cindy Sherman's MAC Line Looks Lovely

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Cindy Sherman has a MAC collection coming out in September, and the just-released ads are pretty damn cool. Sherman last dallied with fashion when she did a series of self-portraits for Balenciaga last fall. [Racked]


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Speaking of Cindy, between the purposefully bad wig, the heavy makeup, the general grotesquerie, and the focus on a normally private beauty activity — doing your hair — we're getting a sort of Untitled Film Stills vibe from Raquel Zimmerman's new cover of Vogue Italia. We like it. [Fashin]

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Willy Vanderperre shot Zuzana Bijoch for Proenza Schouler's fall campaign. [Racked]
Meanwhile, the deal between European private-equity group Permira, which currently owns 45% of Proenza, and Theory's Andrew Rosen, is expected to go through — perhaps as soon as Friday. Rosen has been negotiating to acquire Permira's stake for some time. [On The Runway]

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Dov Charney was once a fairly cute seven-year-old. Many poor life choices later, this happened. [Copyranter]

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There used to be a gang in Brooklyn that dressed only in Ralph Lauren. "At first, cats around us took this as a weakness; they thought we couldn't get busy. We proved them wrong on many occasions." [Vice]

  • Emma Watson prates on about the "integrity and authenticity," and the truly staggering "history" of Lancôme while narrating this behind-the-scenes footage from her recent perfume ads. Recording ridiculous brand talking points must be the most embarrassing part of being a celebrity "face"; for millions of dollars, though, it's an embarrassment we could overcome. [YouTube]
  • The Sun reports that Kate Moss is writing a memoir. [Sun]
  • Karlie Kloss and Joe Jonas: Maybe totally on! Fashionista's Misty White Sidell asked Danielle Jonas, Kevin Jonas's wife, if she'd met "Karlie, Joe's (and here I trailed off)." What reportorial cunning. Danielle "smiled widely," and replied, "Yes! I like her a lot." You know what that means! We're going to have to make up a name for these two. KlossNas? JoeLoss? J.K. JoKlo? JoeLie? [Fashionista]
  • Or maybe not: Joe Jonas himself told Mr. Porter "It's nice to focus on one thing sometimes, and for now that's my music. It's tough when you're far away from someone for long periods of time and so when you're single you don't need to feel bad about that." Note he said when you're single. Not that he is single. [Mr. Porter]
  • Lauryn Hill, whose longtime partner, Rohan Marley, has recently been getting cosy with Isabeli Fontana, clarified on her Twitter that Marley "did not abandon me while pregnant with his child." Hill gave birth to her sixth child last weekend, around the same time that Marley and Fontana started Tweeting cutesy pictures of themselves. ("In love with @RoMarley's heart.") But in her message, Hill refers to their five children together, implying that Marley is not the father of her new baby. Maybe it's Clef? Dun dun dunh. [@MsHillMvngTrgt]
  • People cutting the tags out of new clothing is a trend story in the Times. One source: "I cut them out because they're scratchy and they bug me. I've got a whole drawer full of tags." You don't say. [NYTimes]
  • Of course, there's also that situation when the store forgets to take the security tag off your new interview suit. [Consumerist]
  • Prabal Gurung and his team are reading Tina Fey's Bossy Pants, Detmar Blow's Blow by Blow, and David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas this summer. [Prabal Gurung]
  • Arnold Scaasi and Parker Ladd, who have been a couple for more than 50 years, married in New York City. Disgraced media mogul Conrad Black attended their reception, and offered his insight into the Murdoch situation: "I think he can manage it in England. If the prosecutors get hold of him here, God help him." Black is due to return to prison to serve a 13-month sentence for mail fraud and obstruction of justice in September. [WWD]
  • Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, the Met's stunning exhibition of the late designer's work, is nearing its (extended!) closing date, August 7th. But for the final weekend, the hugely popular show will stay open until midnight. Midnight. This is, apparently, an unprecedented move on the part of the Met. Nearly 550,000 people have seen the show since it opened in May. [WWD]
  • David Beckham will sell a collection of branded "bodywear" at H&M stores worldwide. [WWD]
  • In other news from the middle of the sports/fashion venn diagram, Amar'e Stoudemire is launching some kind of a website this fall. Details are few, but it will focus on, yes, sports and fashion. [NYPost]
  • Marie Claire magazine held a panel discussion about privacy on the Internet. The panelists included editor-in-chief Joanna Coles, Facebook's Randi Zuckerberg, ESPN reporter (and stalker target) Erin Andrews — and someone who represents a group that advocates for "an erase button" for the Internet, which users could use to erase information about themselves. (Said spokesperson admitted she had little knowledge about "the nuts and bolts" of how the Internet actually worked. The Internet is not something that you just dump something on. It's not a big truck, you guys. It's a series of nuts and bolts.) [WWD]
  • Donatella Versace buys everything Allure magazine recommends each month. Everything. [WWD]
  • Your mother's favorite label (that you secretly steal from her when you go home) Eileen Fisher is opening two stores in London this fall. [WWD]
  • Tom Ford just opened his first women's wear boutique in the U.K. It's a store-within-a-store at Harrods. [WWD]
  • Luxury conglomerate PPR is planning to invest in Brioni. Brioni needs an investor to expand, because its already taken on nearly €100 million in debt. [WWD]

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Cindy Sherman is my weirdo hero. She and John Waters need to make a movie together, STAT.