Cindy Sherman's Instagram Proves She Might Be Just Like Us, After All

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Cindy Sherman—the photographer and artist known for pretending to be people she’s not long before everyone on the Internet started doing that—is a real weirdo. Over the course of her nearly 40-year career photographing herself as clowns, aging socialites, and old-school film stars, she’s been a master at transforming herself into characters.


So while I know Cindy Sherman is brilliant, I don’t really know much about her as a person. The real her without all the wigs. That is, until, she made her Instagram public for the first time this week and that’s when I learned who the real Cindy is. This is everything I learned about her from her ‘gram.

Her original handle was “misterfriedas_mom” a reference to the fact that she is an adoring single mom to her pet parrot named Mister Frieda.

He seems like a well-adjusted young man.

Just like the rest of us, she facetunes her photos. Ya know, for a little blemish-covering here and there.


This bitch is around chickens, like, all the time.


SHE HAS SO MANY CHICKENS! And she even keeps a camera on them apparently at all times.

She regularly hangs out with noted French ice queens Isabelle Huppert and Catherine Deneuve.


I feel like they definitely run through Paris in the night egging houses and slashing tires, non?

Even though she is a world-renowned, groundbreaking feminist photographer, she is not immune to taking basic-ass photos of a snowfall.


One commenter wrote: unreal!

And she also photographs her food.


But there’s definitely a filter on this, right?

This is an example of a totally normal Christmas card she sent once.


It honestly seems like she lives a beautiful life in the city and country where she is often around a wide variety of animals including these horses named Teddy and Smokey.


And she looks like this:


Does it make you feel weird? It kind of makes me feel weird.

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Years and years ago, she directed a movie called Office Killer, starring Molly Ringwald, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and Carol Kane as the title character—a murderous copy editor with an extremely interesting brow game. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 12%, but they are WRONG. It’s one of the oddest, most creepily wonderful films I’ve ever seen.