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Cindy McCain Says She's No "Stepford Wife," She's Just Shy

Illustration for article titled Cindy McCain Says Shes No Stepford Wife, Shes Just Shy

In a Newsweek column on being a political spouse, Cindy McCain says she feels the 24-hour news cycle makes campaigning even more difficult, but it doesn't help us get to know candidates and their families any better. She writes:

You would think there would be more understanding of the candidates and their spouses. What I found was that because it was such a fast pace, they understood me even less. I've seen things written about me that said "she's cold," or "she is a Stepford wife." Really, I'm just very shy. No one bothered to ask that. I'm not sour-graping it here. I'm just trying to explain.


‘Spouses Get a Bad Rap' [Daily Beast]

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I never got how the wife is of such an importance for somebodies political career. Why does she have to be in the spotlight? I wouldn't be able to recall that i have to bring my boyfriend to application talks or that i would like to see the wife of my surgeon first before i let him do his work.