Chug Every Time Donald Trump Jr. Says "Such a Nothing"

Culminating the day’s whirlwind shitstorm which ensued after Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the email chain in which he agreed to a meeting with a Russian lawyer to discuss “high level and sensitive information” damaging to Hillary Clinton, toward the cause of “Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump,” Donald Trump Jr. went on Hannity. It was a verbal dance of noncommunication performed, as only possible, between two complete idiots.


Hannity opened the show with a gleeful lecture for the “overpaid lazy rigid leftwing ideologues” [read: journalists] who were “forced to tune in tonight.”

“You might learn something.”

The meat of the following interview was that Donald Trump Jr. didn’t know who he was meeting with, and he was looking for damaging opposition research, which he didn’t get, so it was “such a nothing.” Admittedly, he “would have done things a little differently” were this after all the “Russia mania” stuff.

“Someone sent me an email, I can’t help what someone sends me,” he said.

This is not, of course, the point of the scandal, which is that Trump campaign officials were aware of Russian government interest in interfering with the election. Paul Manafort, who was the campaign manager (or “campaign boss,” as Jr. described in the email)–to whom Don Jr. forwarded the emails, and who was present at the meeting–was mentioned only insofar as he was on the phone during the meeting.


But Hannity apparently earnestly does not understand this, and after an exchange with Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow, he said that he ran out of questions because all the stories checked out.


Donald Trump Jr. added that he was still “way in the learning curve of all of this,” (this, like, the law?)


When asked whether he would testify under oath, he said yes.


Questions were asked and words were said.

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As someone who gets upwards of 100 emails a day at work, let me just say...

You don’t have to respond to every email.

You don’t have to follow up on every email.

You can delete useless emails without responding to them.