Illustration for article titled Chuck Close Photographs Diane von Furstenberg After Ski Accident

Diane von Furstenberg sat for a portrait with Chuck Close six weeks after a skiing accident left her with a broken nose and fractured bones in her face. "I gave up on my looks a long time ago," says the designer. In fact, she wishes Close could have taken this color Polaroid closer to her accident. "I should have come here when my face was blue. There was a time when there was a lot of blue but no swelling." Aging doesn't trouble Diane von Furstenberg. "I've always liked wrinkles. When I was a young girl, I used to make lines on my face with my nails because I loved Jeanne Moreau. I always wanted to be older; I always added years to my life. For the longest time, if people thought I was older I would take it as a compliment."


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Her nose looks perfect! My post-rhinoplasty nose is way more jacked-up than hers. Argh. I hate my nose.