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Chuck C. Johnson Claims He Totally Saw an Abortion One Time

Illustration for article titled Chuck C. Johnson Claims He Totally Saw an Abortion One Time

Noted trollblogger Chuck C. Johnson does and says a lot of weird stuff, and, in truth, Gawker Media of late has probably given him too much of the attention he obviously craves. But this one's too strange to pass over: last night on Twitter, Johnson claimed he became pro-life after a med school friend let him watch an abortion procedure.


This hardly needs saying but this isn't—you can't—that's not a thing. You can't pop in off the street and watch medical procedures, and you especially can't wander by and take in a quick abortion. For God's sake, medical students barely even get any training in abortion care.


The basic impossibility of witnessing an abortion was immediately pointed out to Johnson by a whole bunch of people who, unlike him, do know what they're talking about:

Other people just made fun of him:


Johnson, untroubled by basic logic, happily affirmed that no, he totally saw an abortion one time:


This is the weirdest version of "I have a girlfriend in Canada" I ever saw.

Screengrab via YouTube/steve6hay

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