Images via AP.

Scottish fashion wizard Christopher Kane is one of many reasons why London is consistently the best week of Fashion Month, and he has caught our attention yet again with a sex-themed fall collection that includes—naturally—a very sensual pair of bouncy orthopedic shoes.


For a collection that’s all about sex, this one includes way more voluminous outerwear than I personally would have imagined; that is, perhaps, why I am not a fashion designer. “It’s always about empowerment for me and about that beautiful, almost Hollywood glamour,” Kane explained to Women’s Wear Daily. All right!

This may not be my favorite of Christopher Kane’s efforts, but the basic canvas (lace, Swarovski crystals, leather, sheer plastic, velvet, floofy boudoir hems) played heavily to theme, and it’s interesting to watch a designer interpret this frankly overplayed concept mostly via material rather than cut. Also, who doesn’t love a dang spangle?


Was this fun? I think it was fun. Mostly, I appreciate that a male designer understands one very basic fact of life: nobody can think about sex when their feet hurt.