Christmas-Ready Fashion at the Premiere of The Best Man Holiday

At the premiere of The Best Man Holiday, everyone busted out their best jewel-tones and royal reds. Is it just the beginning of November? We're ready to get invited to some super fancy parties with good egg nog.


Regina Hall and Rochelle Aytes worked their best lipstick reds, while Morris Chestnut rocked a crushed burgundy blazer. Does that come in women's sizes? Would wear.

Sanaa Lathan, Michelle Williams and Nia Long opted for more understated colors. Lathan's cinched peplum with a maroon accent was stunning, while Williams did her version of sexy, i.e. something resembling a turtleneck. As for Lathan: damn girl, look at that cleavage. Santa Baby indeed.


Monica Calhoun, Melissa De Sousa and Daphne Wayans were inspired by silver and sparkles.


The men at this event were a mixed bag. Terrence Howard inexplicably carried some sort of crystal jewel while wearing a shiny pinstriped suit – with hat – while Mario was all in waxed jean material. But Taye Diggs sported a fantastic salmon bowtie and Eddie Cibrian wore the navy blue version of Morris Chestnut's blazer. Also would wear.


Speaking of Eddie Cibrian: he and wife LeeAnn Rimes took this opportunity to seize the holiday spirit by posing in a variety of ways together. She decided to wear shoes we'll call bag boots (because that's what they resemble) and some sort of grey jersey-esque workout dress. And it was a very L.A. Christmas for LeeAnn Rimes.

Images via Valerie Macon/Getty

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