Christmas Eve Social: What Pranks Are You Playing On Your Loved Ones Tonight?

Happy night before Christmas, everyone! Gather ‘round this thread to discuss what pranks you’ll be playing on your relatives and friends, what holiday film classics your eyeballs will be enjoying this evening and what you hope will appear in your stocking tomorrow morning. I’m sure mine will be filled with copies of The National Enquirer, oranges and deodorant, as it is every year. Jezebel will be around tomorrow, so you’ll be able to report your pranks’ success ratings then.

Now, give a warm welcome to your host — the one and only, Elvira! There’s really no one better to send you off with some holiday cheer than the Mistress of the Dark. Unpleasant dreams!

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I am flying 100% solo tonight. Just me and a pizza.

However, I don’t think I’ve posted this yet, so Ima go for it now—I AM KNOCKED UP, JEZEBEL. 3.5 months. And it’s pretty cool. That is all.