Christine Quinn Might Soon Become New York’s First Openly Gay, Lady Mayor

Christine Quinn, New York's recently married City Council Speaker, has announced this morning that she's running for mayor. If elected, Quinn would become the city's first female AND openly gay mayor, and would prove that Michael Bloomberg isn't the Augustan tyrant we've all secretly suspected him to be.


Quinn's campaign video emphasizes that she grew up in a "typical, middle class household," which may not sound like an especially inventive biographical detail for someone running for political officer until one considers that Michael Bloomberg is one of the richest humans on the planet. An affable "middle class" mayor might be a nice change for New York, especially if Quinn plans on doing something about the subterranean army of Morlocks massing under the streets of Manhattan, waiting for their opportunity to strike...

Christine Quinn Officially Announces Her Mayoral Bid [Observer]

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