Have you marked on your calendar the publication date of Christine O'Donnell's forthcoming memoir, Troublemaker? A bunch of enterprising internet vandals have. It's no Santorum, but it's pretty devious.

Listed among the suggested products for O'Donnell: "Rubbermaid(R) Corn Broom," a book entitled "Birth Control is Sinful in the Christian Marriages and also Robbing God of Priesthood Children!!", a Hello Kitty vibrator, and The Very Lazy Ladybug. Comprehensive! There are also a list of reader-generated tags, such as "wingnut welfare" and "keeping America stupid."

Immature, sure, but this sort of game is really an Internet form of street art, like graffiti or a witty protest sign. Only this time, participants cross geography. And, presumably, will increase the conservative sense of victimhood perpetrated by the alleged cultural elite.


O'Donnell's Amazon Page Attacked By Cyber-Vandals [The Daily Beast]