Christine O'Donnell Feels Bad About Her Witch Ad

On Good Morning America today, Christine O'Donnell said she hated her "I'm not a witch" ad, and that the experience taught her to trust her gut, the way a good Tea Partier should. However, she also said she got a lot of unfair criticism as a conservative female candidate.

O'Donnell claims that Hillary Clinton came in from a sexism and right-wing women, which is debatable — remember "iron my shirt"? It is worth remembering that conservative female candidates deserve a fair shake, just as liberal ones do, and feminists should defend both from misogynist bullshit. But that doesn't mean we can't take issue with their politics — and with this year's candidates, there's a lot to criticize.

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If feminists are supposed to defend Christine O'Donnell and Michele Bachmann blindly just because they present as bring of the female persuasion, I guess I must not be one.

Edit, missed the part about still a lot to criticize, but still standing by not defending either.