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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Christina Loves Us!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here’s to us.

Christina Aguilera also subway busked in disguise, and people actually stopped! Some guy was there too, but Christina abides.

Love, Actually, is all around.

Will Zoe Saldana be my mom?

Here is Zoe Saldana describing the household Saldana, a zen garden where she is raising her three sons alongside a unicorn who took her last name (Marco Perego Saldana) and calmly accepting whatever poop flies her way. She tells US Weekly:

Blow-outs always happen in the most inconvenient time....So I’ve checked every box. Airport, public places, in the car, sitting and talking to people you barely know and all the sudden you smell something and look at yourself and you’re full of sh*t. It’s just, you know, c’est la vie.


Shit happens, and when it does, it is life-affirming.

Scuze me, the Mooch has a steakhouse? Or, in Mooch, [spits out gum]: SCA-UZE ME THA MOOCH HAZ A STEAKHOUSE?? The Hunt & Fish Club has been around since 2015, but I just learned this from a Page Six item mentioning that John Travolta ate there, at the Mooch’s steakhouse; Rolling Stone reviewed it in April, and it sounds like something of a gastrointestinal abomination (“a wet pile of rubbery calamari rings”) with a sugar daddy...ambiance. Literally, they once almost hosted a “Sugar Social” pick-up night described thusly:

Meet with 35 stunning women the first hour over cocktails. Select one (or two, if you like) to join you for dinner … Need help choosing the right company? Our host will pair you with someone of interest.


Hunt & Fish tells Page Six that it cancelled the event, which was advertised by outside promoters. Oh well.

Rolling Stone also reported that there’s a booth with a sign over it, reading “Anthony Scaramucci.” Because MOOCH.


In other John Travolta toilet dining news, Page Six got the best insider ever who tells them that hours earlier at TAO, paparazzi tried to photograph John Travolta “mid-pee.”

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