Christina Hendricks Deemed Fat By Someone Named "Psycho Mike"

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A producer for LA radio station KROQ is shocked that his coworkers don't agree that Christina Hendricks "could lose a few pounds." So he's created a handy poll!

Thankfully, only 15% of visitors agree with the illustrious "Psycho Mike" that Hendricks needs to drop a few. Mike does acknowledge that Hendricks "has giant cans," a phrase he seems to really like. In addition to analyzing actresses' bodies, he may also have been responsible for the parody song "Lean Like A Homo," which earned a complaint from The Advocate for lines like, "Asscheeks up, spread them wide... That's how we live, party, and play, every single day for the gay."

Clearly, Psycho Mike is asking for outrage here, but rather than be "bitter women" about this, we decided to respond in kind. Herewith, a poll of our own — vote early and often!


Christina Hendricks – Full Figured Or Fatness? [KROQ]

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Hazey Jane

Can we bodysnark on "Psycho Mike"? I know we don't do bodysnarking on Jezebel, and I really like that we don't, but I think that it would be fun to take the low-road and give bodysnarkers a taste of their own medicine. If this asshole DJ feels so comfortable publicly announcing what's wrong with the way other people look (especially women), then clearly he'd appreciate some comments (from women) on his own appearance, so he knows what to improve on.