Christina Aguilera On That Photo of Hillary Clinton Staring at Her Cleavage: ‘It's Amazing.’

As a person without “bosoms” or any opportunities to share a room with important political figures, I’ll never be able to experience what it’s like to have Hillary Clinton stare at my cleavage. But, if Christina Aguilera is to be believed (and she usually is—why wouldn’t she be?), I now know what it feels like.


In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on Monday, Aguilera was asked about the semi-famous 2012 photo in which Clinton’s eyes appear to be gazing in the direction of Aguilera’s breasts. Once brought up, Aguilera didn’t mince words when describing what was happening: “She was staring at my bosoms.”

When describing what it feels like to have one’s bosoms stared at by Ms. Clinton, Aguilera laughed and said, “It’s amazing. It’s awesome. She supports the girls!”


I believe it!


While accepting the “Break the Internet Award” at last night’s Webbys (I envy those of you who have no idea what the Webbys are), Kim Kardashian made a promise I look forward to watching her keep over the next few decades when giving her five-word acceptance speech, which was, “Nude selfies until I die.”


I will buy every single follow-up to Selfish. I will buy a second coffee table to contain them. I will scream, “Yassss mom,” at Kim posing in nothing but a Life Alert necklace when I’m 85.

[Us Weekly]

Oh no, Blac Chyna has a new Instagram account focusing on pregnancy.


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