Christian Blogger/'Love Warrior' Glennon Doyle Melton Is Now Dating Soccer Champ Abby Wambach

Images via Getty/Flatiron Books.
Images via Getty/Flatiron Books.

Glennon Doyle Melton, Christian blogger and author of bestselling books like the recent Oprah’s Book Club selection Love Warrior, “felt like the world could use all the love it can get” on Sunday night, so she decided to publicly announce a recent development in her romantic life. Three months after divorcing her husband Craig, Melton is dating soccer star Abby Wambach.


In a Facebook post free of labels like “gay,” “bisexual,” or “lesbian,” Melton calls Wambach “deeply sensitive” and “unwaveringly good,” and adds that her children feel pretty much the same way. “The kids call her an M&M,” she writes, “because she looks tough on the outside but inside she’s really mushy and sweet.”

After admitting that falling in love with Wambach, a champion soccer player with two Olympic Gold medals, happened more quickly than she could have ever expected, Melton answers some questions she presumes are on the minds of her readers (namely, “OMFG WHAT ABOUT YOUR POOR HUSBAND?!” and “OMFG WHAT ABOUT YOUR POOR KIDS?!”):

How is Craig? He’s his beautiful, kind, brave self. He’s dating too — and we are both supportive of each other’s relationships. After I told Craig, the first thing he said was: Holy shit. Is this what all the Indigo Girls has been about? I said, WHOA. I DON’T KNOW...MAYBE?

How are the kids? I’ll let them speak for themselves, or not. I can tell you that as usual, we’re walking through this together. They have the love and support of their dad, me, their grandparents, their aunts and uncles, their church, their teachers, their friends’ families —all of whom have fallen as hard for Abby as they have. They’re lucky kids, to be surrounded by so much love.

She ends with one final all-caps proclamation, writing, “PRECIOUS WORLD: I LOVE ABBY.” And I’ll end with one, too. PRECIOUS WORLD, I BARELY KNOW WHO GLENNON DOYLE MELTON IS, BUT I’M GLAD SHE’S HAPPY. WHY NOT. GOOD FOR HER.

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Divorced people accepting and being kind to each other for the sake of their kids always gives me hope. This is a very good story.