Christian Bale Parodies Keep Comin'

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The Christian Bale Tirade has produced an endless amount of spoofs, and today we bring you two of our favorites, from our Jezebel super crush Joel McHale at The Soup and hilarious comedian Sara Benincasa.


The Soup takes on the Bale incident with a record commercial, promoting "Christian Bale's Greatest Bitchouts," a pitch-perfect spoof of those awesome/awful Time Life album commercials that is both brilliant and hilarious (and NSFW):

Comedian Sara Benincasa takes a different spin on things, choosing instead to imagine what would happen if Anne Hathaway had a Bale Out on the set of Rachel Getting Married (Probably NSFW, language wise):

And of course, there's the ever popular Bale Out remix, courtesy of RevoLucian(Also NSFW):



The RevoLucian is awesome, but the Newsies dance party really brings it to life: