Christian Aerobics: Coming To A Church Basement Near You

First, they took yoga and made it Christian. Now, Christian aerobics instructor Paul Eugene created an alternative to The Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide called "The Sanctified Slide." "Shake the devil off" and do a Beyonce booty pop!

I'm not even going to front: I got excited when I saw True/Slant's post about this video. The T/S team made some hilarious observations, especially that the guy in the back "resembles Kip from Napoleon Dynamite."

But even better is the video itself. There's just so much to watch. The "David dance" which is the aforementioned Beyonce booty pop, the Kip-doppelganger in the back missing the concept of the quick church clap, and Paul Eugene's aggressive eye contact are all worth watching the 10 minute demo for.


On second watch, I realized a lot of this choreography felt really familiar for more than one reason:

(Sidebar: Yo Salt! Pepa got a reality show now - what happened to you becoming the religious answer to Lil' Kim?)

Now, as a declared seeker/part time heathen, I know this is my cue to crack jokes about the ridiculousness of organized religion. But this is my Achilles heel y'all. There are a lot of things I hate about organized religion, but church parties in the name of Jesus are not one of them - especially after watching this video of another church doing the The Sanctified Slide:


I emailed one of my Christian friends this video and said See, if y'all were doing this every Sunday, I would come back to church.

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