Chrissy Teigen Shares Pregnancy Photo, Internet Lectures Her About Her Body

Chrissy Teigen shared a perfectly mundane photo of her “baby bump.” Though “baby bump” is a phrase that I deeply despise, it’s really the best way to describe the genre of photo Teigen shared—the mirror-reflected selfie meant to document the shifting contours of a pregnant woman’s body. It’s the kind of photograph that we’re all familiar with and, unsurprisingly, Teigen looks great.

The “baby bump” photograph should simply elicit a congratulations, or maybe a compliment and a question or two on due date and health, but many consider it an open invitation to comment on a woman’s body. And since Teigen is a famous woman, with a huge online platform, sharing the photograph made it open season on Teigen’s body.


Many insisted that, despite Teigen’s announcement, she was simply too large to be carrying one baby, it must be twins. She responded on Twitter:

Despite Teigen’s reminder that she’s perfectly aware of what’s going on with her own body, the internet won’t be persuaded:

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