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Chrissy Teigen Scalded Her Vagina With Jalapeño Juice

Illustration for article titled Chrissy Teigen Scalded Her Vagina With Jalapeño Juice

Chrissy Teigen has been very generous with the memes lately, so this—her latest in a string of lovable klutzy antics—should come as no surprise: apparently she forgot to cleanse her hands of jalapeño juice before hitting the shower.


See, this specific scenario is why I don't cook. I am not about to put my WOMAN BODY in DANGER. Luckily, a Twitter fan came to the rescue with some helpful advice: Pour milk all over yourself! And she did!

And Chrissy lives to see another day.

Image via AP

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Global Beet

Jalpenos aren't even hot. Try taking a piss and forgetting you just made jerk season with Scotch Bonnett's.