Chrissy Teigen Beats Back the Judgmental Twitter Hordes

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In today’s Tweet Beat, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend respond to their IVF gender controversy, John Stamos rocked a pretty sexy mullet at prom, and Mia Farrow directs us to her secret Instagram account.


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Dolorous Bread

To be fair to Chrissy I don’t know why people would be mad about her IVF process. I have a relative going through it and she had the option of choosing which sex of embryo she wanted transferred. Her and her husband opted just for the most genetically healthy one to be implanted and to keep the sex a surprise, but if you have a selection of all healthy embryos why the hell not pick which sex if you want to? You can freeze the rest and have the other sexed embryo later if you want. I think it’s really cool.