Chris Pratt Kept Getting in Trouble for Taking His Junk Out

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The quote goldmine that is GQ‘s recent cover interview with Chris Pratt continues to yield valuable nuggets and—speaking of nuggets—here’s the Parks and Rec/Jurassic World actor talking about the appropriate (and inappropriate) times to get naked!


Asked what he was like as a kid, Pratt replied:

“I was a jokester, I had a dirty mind, and a dirty sense of humor. And I was naked a lot. I was naked all the time. It was just recently, in the last few years since I’ve become an adult, that I’ve learned to keep my clothes on. And even then, I really haven’t. I got yelled at by NBC for getting naked. [While filming multiple takes of a Parks and Recreation scene in which he was supposed to shock Amy Poehler by being naked in a doorway, in one take he did it for real.] I got suspended from the track team in high school for getting naked on the track bus. I was always getting naked. I thought it was hilarious. I didn’t understand how somebody could be so offended by me just taking my junk out.”

As for NBC:

“HR sent me a letter. Someone obviously must have complained about it or something. I guess now that I don’t work for them, I can make fun of it, but part of the letter was saying, like, ‘Also, don’t mock this. Just so we’re clear, you’re being reprimanded, and don’t go around talking about how this is funny.’ [It was] the take they fucking used, by the way, that made the air, and was hilarious, so I was totally right, but apparently if you want to get naked there’s certain protocols you have to take to prevent people from being offended—you have to give them the opportunity to not see it.

You can see the blooper of Pratt’s naked reveal here. But yes, while I’m all for using the naked body for comedy, it’s wise to know your room (and your company’s HR policies) before you take your clothes off.


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The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels says that getting a nose job as a teenager—a time when she was bullied for her looks—was a life-changing event.

“I had my nose done when I was 16 years old, and I’ll be honest, it did change my life,” she told People. “Not to say you should let your physicality define you, but there are some things that can make people feel really insecure. So, if there is something you want to fix that allows you to feel a little bit more confident, I support it. I think it’s about [doing it for] the right reasons.”


Nice that she was able to use the traumatic events of her childhood to inspire a career of bullying other people about their appearance. [People]

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Tabby Gevinson

This is an interesting look into the pathology of how us Jezzies feel about a guy whipping his dick out. People seem to be amused, bemused, and/or ambivalent about Pratt doing it, but in a million and one other circumstances a guy who does this would be derided as a creep.