Chris Matthews Wonders if Ladies Really Care About 'Wife Beating'

Lady pop quiz: what concerns you more, domestic violence or the true nutritional value of low-fat yogurt? "Wife beating" or that realllly enticing Madewell shoe sale?

Chris Matthews knows women have a lot on our plates. That's why he asked Andrea Mitchell yesterday whether they "really worry about" "wife-beating or beaters."

"Is that close to the bone? The idea of wife beating, some old- or beaters?" he asked. "Is that something women really worry about? Men being brutal?"


"Yes," she said, with remarkable poise. "the Violence Against Women Act, Joe Biden…"

"In the home?" he asked, just to be clear. (No, Chris. Women usually get beat up on the porch.)

"Yes. Domestic violence," she clarified again.

When Obama signed the Violence Against Women Act last month, he reminded Americans that one in five women is likely to be raped in her lifetime, and one in three is likely to be abused by a partner. So, yeah, we'd say we're concerned.



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The video cut away too soon!

Right after, Matthews also asked if women "really cared" about:

—equal pay,

—parental leave, and

—"things like politics and the economy."

Nice work, MSNBC.