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Chris Hemsworth Will Not Stand For the Suggestion That His Life Isn’t Perfect

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Earlier this month, an Australian tabloid called Woman’s Day (you know, the magazine that always breaks stories about Olivia Newton John’s “missing” ex-boyfriend) had the nerve to write that Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s marriage “may not be as picture perfect as it appears.”


You and I both know that isn’t true because we’ve seen pictures of the two of them looking perfect together. And Hemsworth himself knows it isn’t true because every time he looks in the mirror he sees Chris Hemsworth. So! After reading the Woman’s Day story, he called them out in an Instagram post—sharing a photo of himself and Pataky staring out at sea alongside the caption:

Looking for a new wife according to @womansdayaus and other misleading outlets! Honey you still love me right?! @elsapatakyconfidential #thanksfortheheadsup


That’ll show ‘em, Thor!

[E! Online]

I checked out the recent blind items from Crazy Days and Crazy Nights this morning because the normal gossip sites weren’t cutting it, and found this sort of magnificent one:

I did not see this one coming. This B list actress who will take anything, even behind the camera has A+ list name recognition thanks to a marriage. The always quiet one got busted in a NYC restroom making out with a guy. There was no sex, but there was a lot of rearranged clothing and hands in places that seemed to be leading to sex.


“B list with A+ list name recognition” is a very typical CDCN descriptor, but it always stings just the same.


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chris’ life isn’t perfect because liam is the hotter hemsworth.

there i said it. don’t @ me.