Chris Evans Breaks Your Heart, Is Dating Lily Collins

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Sorry Captain America fans, Chris Evans is dating Lily Collins. According to Us Weekly, the two met at an Oscars party. Apparently Collins is the daughter of soft rock icon, Phil Collins and, like all celebrity children, she's an actress and a model. And since I'd had never heard of Collins before this morning, my cursory search also tells me that Collins' mother, Jill Tavelman, is the "former three-term president of the Beverly Hills Women's Club."


A source (!) told Us that the relationship is "just the beginning stages." "But they're having a lot of fun and seeing where it goes." [Us Weekly]


The life of a truly committed crazy cat lady has its ups and downs and, for Taylor Swift, yesterday was all cat-owning downs. Swift shared a photo of her scratched up leg on Instagram. "Great work Meredith," Swift captioned the photo, "I was just trying to give you love and now you owe me 40 million dollars."

I really appreciate that Swift's Instagram has made the turn from a showcase of famous friends to a showcase of Swift's deep and meaningful relationship with her cats (again, named Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson). [E!]

  • Jessica Simpson is my favorite Texas housewife. [Us Weekly]
  • Jack Osbourne wants to know why the media treated Kathy Griffin as a hero for quitting Fashion Police and didn't treat his sister with the same respect. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Kate Hudson and Chris Martin? Seriously, what do women see in this dude? [Daily Mail]
  • Some days Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just have to take a break from their glamorous lives and eat some Taco Bell. [Radar]
  • Sarah Palin is very happy about Bristol's recent engagement. [E!]
  • Amber Rose is still on Instagram. [E!]
  • Bjork performed at Carnegie Hall last night. [Fader]
  • Kris Jenner doesn't really talk to Bruce Jenner any more. [NY Daily News]
  • Nick Cannon got the massive "Mariah" tattoo across his back covered up. Sure Cannon committed to the cover up, but it's no Wino Forever. [TMZ]
  • Xander (aka Nicholas Brendon) was arrested for trashing another hotel room. Maybe he's been possessed by hyenas. [People]

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