Chris Brown Won't Be Attending Domestic Violence Prevention Classes After All

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On Tuesday, the New York Post reported that Chris Brown actually doesn’t have to attend 52 weeks worth of batterer intervention programming as a condition of the restraining order a judge ruled on last week to ensure he stays the hell away from his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.


TMZ reported on the domestic violence prevention classes last week, in addition to the judge’s ruling that Brown keep away from Tran for the next five years. But an amended restraining order, filed on Monday and obtained by the Post, reveals that the classes were reported on as a result of a clerical error. The amended restraining order reads, “the issue was not raised at the hearing and the court makes no order for respondent to participate in a batterer intervention program.”

According to TMZ, Tran filed a restraining order against Brown over allegations that he’d physically abused her and told some people he was going to kill her.

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Speaking of dirtbags, Balenciaga is selling a leather version of the shopping bag they usually give you for free to carry off your exorbitant fashion purchase.

That would be $1,100.

And, well, it would’t be the first time. This was $245 and would look great inside of a fake shopping bag. It’s also the ideal vessel for a jewel-encrusted tunafish sandwich.


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Bella Thorne ate a burger, or maybe just held it near her open mouth, while wearing a bikini at Scott Disick’s house. Or maybe the burger is actually made of calf-skin leather and I can’t tell what’s real from what’s merely expensive anymore.


Anyway, yeah, Thorne and Disick are still a thing, it would seem.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram


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This is Courtney after she left her fillers dissolve and before. She looks freakin FAB!!! I hope this discourages others from overdoing it. They seriously make people look so much older. And she is such a natural beauty!!! I’ve always rooted for her to have a better career.