Chris Brown Posts $250,000 Bail to Return to His Palace

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Chris Brown’s epic day of facing off the police from inside his mansion, which reached its inevitable conclusion when he was arrested, has now been tied up with a hefty bow of a bail fee.

According to Fox News, Brown was released from Los Angeles county jail late on Tuesday after paying $250,000. Brown had been refusing entry to police officers after a former beauty queen named Baylee Curran alleged he pulled a gun on her at his house. She ran out into the street around 3 am that same morning, calling 911. During the long stand off, as authorities waited for a search warrant, Brown continued to share to social media (though his Instagram posts now appear to be deleted) and supposedly threw a duffel bag full of guns and drugs out the window.

His lawyer, Mark Geragos, arrived around 1 pm to check out the scene and more than 12 hours later, posted this tweet:


Though Brown’s rants are gone, he shared a video of Ray J supporting him with vague statements about strangers blowing things out of proportion:

TMZ is reporting that Brown was tested for drugs at the station, though they note he was only charged with a felony assault with a deadly weapon.

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Can someone explain to me the unabashed hatred fueled toward Chris Brown please? I understand the whole Domestic Violence situation from previous with Rhianna and the subsequent behavior thereafter. In all honesty don’t most celebrities act this way though? I guess we all root for one team or another but still - that amount of bail to post all stemming from 1 persons allegations? Seems like drastic steps man is all I’m saying.