Chris Brown Is in a Stand Off with Police at His Home After Allegedly Pulling a Gun on a Woman [Updated]

Images via Instagram
Images via Instagram

Police have been outside Chris Brown’s Tarzana home since about 3 AM PT Tuesday morning waiting on a warrant to search its rooms for a gun he may have threatened an unnamed woman with.


According to the LA Times, officers were responding to a call from the woman, who ran out of Brown’s home and claimed he had pulled a gun on her in a rage. When they attempted to enter, they were informed that they’d need to go get a search warrant if they wanted entry.

Since then, Brown has posted several videos about the stand off on Instagram. He’s obviously pissed at being characterized as a crazy shut in, and reminds everyone that he lives in a palace and recently released a new single. He calls it “ironic” that the cops are at his home.

Brown also says “Black Lives Matter” and “Fuck the police” and “Y’all can suck a fart out my ass for all I care.”


TMZ reports that Brown has thrown a duffel bag with guns and drugs inside out the window, which is a bold move. He supposedly shouted, “Come and get me.”

Updated 3:00 PM: The woman involved has been identified as former Miss California Regional and model/actress Baylee Curran, who went on TMZ Live and explained that Brown freaked out at her after she admired some jewelry. She also claims that his team “wouldn’t let her take her cell phone until she signed a non-disclosure agreement,” though she refused to oblige and left with a friend. Ray J was also at Brown’s house; according to TMZ, the women had been brought as a guest of another man, and were not invited by Brown.


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