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Chris Brown Gets $150 Fine for Punching a Fan in the Face

Illustration for article titled Chris Brown Gets $150 Fine for Punching a Fan in the Face

Chris Brown started his Fall off right Tuesday by pleading guilty to punching a fan in the face, the culmination of yet another trial involving the The O.C. guest star and general perpetrator violence in these mean streets.


Brown was sentenced to two days of jail time, which he already served, and a $150 fine, which covers his court costs, reports the Associated Press. The misdemeanor assault happened when Brown was on probation for his felony assault of beating Rihanna. He and his bodyguard got into an altercation with a fan who attempted to get into a photo Brown was taking with another fan last year.

"I would like to say to the court that I'm sorry," Brown said, though his lawyer didn't think that was enough, adding, "To say that he's been punished severely in this matter is an understatement."


Image via Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

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No More College Granddad

Huh...I paid more than that for speeding.

Well, I'm sure he's learned his lesson. $150 is a steep fine for someone like him. Knowing Brown, I doubt he will get violent ever again after this.