Remember the good ol' days of being snuggled up in your pillow fort with a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book gripped tightly between your fingers, thinking to yourself, "Holy cr@p! I can't believe I was dumb enough to pick swimming with piranhas on page 42! Being a grownup is going to be so awesome/scary!"

Well, like it or not, that time has come. And it turns out that making big kid choices isn't always as easy as deciding if you'd rather traverse a river or climb a volcano. So in hopes of adding a little fun to the process of making real-life decisions, we've teamed up with State Farm to bring you a little a game called Would You Rather?

Let's get started, shall we?

Would You Rather:

1. Spend the afternoon penning your tome on inequality in the modern social networking age?



2. Spend the day trying to replace your stolen computer that housed said masterpiece?