Chloë Sevigny Selling Zine About Her Exes

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One day, Chloë Sevigny put on a Smiths record, took out the old shoebox containing photos of her ex-boyfriends and her sticker collection and decided to do a craft project. The result is a zine called No Time For Love. (Actually I don’t know if that’s how her creative process went down, but that is my fantasy.) If Kim Kardashian can troll the world with a book of her phone selfies, why can’t Sevigny make a cute, 90’s-style collage of past loves?


In an interview with Dazed, Sevigny said the collection included the men who she has loved throughout her life—not just the ones she was romantically involved with. “From my father to my first true love to my biggest crush, etc. There’s also a small sampling of gossip about me that’s appeared on page six in the New York Post,” Sevigny said of the zine.

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Sevigny put stickers over the faces of the men that appear in the zine to hide their identities, but I’m guessing that the one in the photo above is her ex-bf Jarvis Cocker. The actress and fashion designer also released a self-titled photography book this past April.

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Zine? Chloe Sevigny? Everything about this article made me feel like it was 1999. All my wrinkles were gone, I felt 20 lbs lighter, and I looked over at my son and all I saw was an ovum. (I also felt really hung over and was worried I about how I was going to pay my rent).