Chipotle Sued for Concealing 'Faulty' Quality Controls From Investors

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Uh oh. It seems our our blessed Church of Chipotle has gone astray and lost itself in the mire of legal entanglements. On January 8 the company was issued a lawsuit for apparently concealing “flawed quality controls to investors.”

According to Time, the “Mexican food chain...allegedly [failed] to disclose” insufficient quality controls “after an outbreak of E.coli was linked to the firm’s restaurants.” Reuters reports that Chipotle’s “quality controls were inadequate to safeguard consumer and employee health.”

Chipotle has been held responsible for an E.coli outbreak from which 50 people have so far fallen ill. They are moreover being investigated for their connection to a “norovirus Simi Valley, California.” These health concerns have resulted in a drastic descent of the company’s stock and, as a result, Time notes that “investors who bought stock between February 2015 and January 2016 are seeking damages. Shares are down 35 percent since the end of October.”


Chipotle, you’ve got to get it together. We depend on your burritos in times of weakness and strength alike. We also depend on surviving a trip to one of your restaurants. Time to fix yourself, pronto.

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Now can people stop talking about how Chipotle was a victim of pro GMO and Big Fast Food sabotage please? Because it makes you sound crazy.

(And for the record, I like Chipotle and I like their mission to have healthy...ish and fresh food, but they obviously have some work to do, food safety wise. I’m sure they’ll take care of it and get back on track, but just because you like a company doesn’t mean Monsanto or the Hamburglar were like, pouring feces into Chipotle burritos in the dead of night or something.)