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Chinese Woman Falls Victim to Terrible Face-Eating Trend

Illustration for article titled Chinese Woman Falls Victim to Terrible Face-Eating Trend

Listen, this face-eating business is getting out of control—and we can't even blame it on bath salts anymore. . Now it's spread to China; is there some kind of virus traveling through the air, Contagion-style? This latest incident occurred in Wenzhou, when a very drunk man randomly attacked a woman who was driving by and started chewing on her face.


According to a rather charming translation of the website Sina Weibo, the streets were filled with mayhem on June 26th, with, "drunk people losing control of themselves collapsed on the side of the road, some treating the road as their beds, some kneeling on the ground crying and hollering." In other words, mass public drunkenness (the reason for which is not disclosed). But while most people were passing out in the streets, one very drunk guy ran into the middle of traffic and blocked a car. He climbed onto the hood and starting loudly pounding on the windshield. After he wouldn't stop, the driver got out of her car in an effort to run away. But he tackled her from behind, causing her to fall over. He then crawled on top of her and started "biting viciously at her face." Apparently, bystanders attempted to pull him off of her, but "he was like a man possessed and simply couldn't be pulled off." Terrifying.

The police eventually showed up, and arrested the man. As for the victim, who's called only Ms. Du, she was fairly badly injured and was taken to the hospital. Doctors say she will need two more reconstructive surgeries on her nose and lips. Not much is known about her attacker, except that he's a bus driver from Anhui and his last name is Dong. He'd been out drinking with friends, and they'd all passed out from being so drunk, but he went seemingly insane instead. After he got sober, he realized what he'd done and is reportedly "filled with regret." He's being held for aggravated assault and the case is being investigated further. Let's hope they find some reasonable explanation for this horrifying behavior, because the seeming randomness of cannibalistic attacks lately is starting to get really freaky.


Drunk Chinese Man Tackles & Bites Woman's Face in Wenzhou [ChinaSmack]

Image via ChaosMaker/Shutterstock.

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I'm so glad we can make light of such a humorous situation. People hurting other people is always so funny!!