Top Chinese social media site Sina Weibo (a Twitter-Facebook hybrid) recently held a competition to find China's hottest mom, modeled after Coach's Mother's Day Hot Mom campaign, which aimed to promote a more youthful image for Coach in China. Users submitted photos of themselves with their children, but in some photos it was kind of difficult to tell the mother and daughter apart.

Oof — as if beauty culture didn't already put enough pressure on us to never start looking old, working tirelessly to turn us all into a diverse chorus of consumer Queen Grimhildes. Next time I go shopping with my mother and a cheesy sales associate decides to remark on how we look like sisters, instead of uncomfortably chuckling it off and saying something about "good genes," I'll just pull out my phone, show said associate one of these pics. Then I'll sternly ask, "Now do we look like sisters, punk?" and drop my phone like I was dropping a mic and walk away.


And then go back and grab my phone because that shit's expensive. And then ask my mom for money to buy clothes or whatever.

Images via Weibo