'Chill' Pope Still Catholic

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Since ascending to the papal title in 2013, Pope Francis has made a name for himself as the “chill pope” for his views, which are quite progressive relative to the institution he helms: He’s pro-breastfeeding, he is seemingly pro-LGBTQ rights, he’s not afraid to speak out about climate change and reiterate that this shit is real and yes, it is probably humanity’s fault. But to lightly paraphrase a famous dude, the Pope is Catholic; nothing’s ever going to change that. Which makes his latest comments on abortion pretty predictable.

In his weekly address to Vatican-goers, Pope Francis compared abortion to:

“hiring a hitman to resolve a problem”

He also described it as:

“a contradictory approach to life allows the suppression of human life in the mother’s womb in order to safeguard other values”


Continuing, he wondered:

“How can an act that suppresses an innocent and helpless life as it blossoms be therapeutic, civil or, simply, humane?”

To surmise, he described abortion as:

“not right”

Anyway, this is a fun journey we’ve all been on. So glad we decided to check in on this. See you next time.


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"Not a real" DrDonna

Just a reminder: the “Cool” Pope has never been cool on LGBTQ issues. He has made some nice sounds on LGB acceptance with no policy changes to back them up. He has actively denigrated trans folks, comparing them to nuclear weapons as affronts to his god’s plan.