Chill Pope Speeds Up Annulments for Catholics

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Chill Pope Francis is continuing his reign, this week making it easier for Catholics to back out of marriage mistakes.


Chill Pope passed down a new law allowing bishops to determine when a marriage has a “fundamental flaw” that makes the marriage “invalid,” according to the Chicago Tribune. This change includes a “new fast-track procedure” that bishops can carry out themselves when both husband and wife want out, allowing them to sidestep any longer investigation.

The only catch is: Catholics are required to get this annulment if they want to remarry in the church.


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This is not an easy thing to do in any way though. The only major pro is that you don’t have to pay for it, which is great because the church loves overcharging for their services.

But it’s still worse than getting legally separated. You have to show “proof” that you could no longer stay married to the person, and it has to be a serious reason such as abuse, addiction, fraud or adultery. How do you show proof of that? And it would be like reliving the worst time of your life to some priest, and priests always take the men’s side (“You didn’t do a wife’s job. A wife has to be kind and patient.”) You have to talk to a priest about the most intimate stuff about your marriage, let him be the “judge” of your situation and see if he agrees with the annulment.

My sister already said that if her ex ever contacts her for a religious annulment she will not cooperate. It will be emotionally exhausting, almost like a second divorce. I told her that if he ever asks her to get an annulment, she needs to laugh at his face and hang up the phone because that man does not know what it means to make promises before God.