Child Welfare Agency Reportedly Opens Investigation Into Anthony Weiner

Weiner campaigning in Harlem during his 2013 mayoral run. Photo via Getty.
Weiner campaigning in Harlem during his 2013 mayoral run. Photo via Getty.

The New York Post is reporting that the city’s Administration for Children’s Services has opened an investigation into Anthony Weiner. He was sexting with yet another woman not long ago, and sent her a photo that featured both his boxer-clad erection and his son curled up nearby.


ACS is required to investigate every allegation of child abuse or mistreatment they receive. The Post reports that child welfare officials showed up at the apartment Weiner shares with Huma Abedin on Tuesday. Abedin recently announced she is separating from Weiner. The Post shot video of Weiner leaving the apartment early Tuesday morning.

According to ACS, during an initial investigation, a Child Protective Services worker checks the home to make sure it’s free of “hazards” and that the child has adequate food and a room to sleep in. CPS workers also speak to every adult living in the home. ACS has 60 days to decide whether a child abuse report is “indicated” or “unfounded.” Regardless of the outcome, records of the investigation are kept on file until the youngest child in the family turns 28 years old.

Weiner told the Post early Wednesday he hadn’t been visited or interviewed by ACS; the tabloid says they confirmed the probe with a “city government source.” He also traded testy emails with the Post, who are really, really enjoying this one:

Weiner ignored questions at the time, but later exchanged several e-mails with a Post reporter who urged him to drop his hard-edged political persona and open up to the public — like he did with his latest sexting partner.

He called that request “kinda hilarious,” adding, “I’ll pass it along to my wife and mother in law, too. They need a laugh.”

In another e-mail, Weiner told the reporter that “you share a problem that I have. A alarming lack of self awareness.

“There are many outlets for me to be the real me. Whatever that means,” he added.

Weiner deleted his Twitter account after the Post published photos of this latest bout of sexting. Besides a press release announcing that she’s separating from him, Huma Abedin hasn’t publicly commented; that release ended with a plea for privacy.

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Talking about this with a friend this morning, we speculated this might be a good thing for Huma. She works full-time in what’s clearly a pretty demanding job, while he’s basically a SAHD. In theory, Weiner could make a solid argument for primary physical custody with Huma paying him child support. Which would obviously suck for her - through no fault of her own, and even after what seemed like tireless patience and attempts to keep her family together, she’ll lose some degree of access to her child just because her husband tanked his own career through extremely toxic behavior and became basically unemployable. CPS investigations could at least allow her to establish some sort of paper trail and help build an argument for custody.

Divorce lawyers, feel free to chime in here as this is all speculation on my part right now.