Chicago Witches Will Exorcise 'Gentrification' Demons 


In an attempt to stop the spread of gentrification in Chicago’s Logan Square, a coven of outcast teenage girls who worship “Manon” will gather to join in the ancient rite of the Invocation of the Spirit.

No, sorry, that’s The Craft.

In real life, a trio of performance artists who call themselves WITCH will confront gentrification by placing a “hex” on Logan Square, thereby putting a “protective spell” on the area. That hex is ostensibly meant to ward off the evil spirits better known as luxury apartments.

The trio said that their performance is a mixture of art and protest. “We are calling them actions because it brings a level of seriousness and attention to the social justice aspects,” Jessica Caponigro, told Chicagoist. “We’re not sitting around playing dress up.”

The performers hope to bring the witchcraft’s historic role in social movements to the forefront. The spells, WITCH indicated, aren’t meant to be negative but rather address the political and financial ramifications of gentrification (hence, a protective spell and not the Invocation of the Spirit, which robs you of both your humanity and empathy). “WITCH wants to bring attention to this dynamic, hex those who profit from it and protect those who suffer from it,” the group wrote on their Facebook page.

If the Facebook page is any indication, WITCH’s project is already causing controversy. “You should have contacted the Chicago Pagan Society before you started this,” one comment reads.

At any rate, the performance is scheduled for noon on February 6th. According to Chicagoist, there might be a ghost cat in attendance.

Image via Getty.

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