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Chicago Highway Shuts Down to Accommodate Adorable Family of Geese

An adorable family of geese was escorted to safety from a busy Chicago-area highway on Tuesday evening.


The geese were herded off the road by a special police escort, stopping traffic for more than an hour during rush-hour. This might be the cutest traffic jam ever in the history of time. Via NBC News:

Seven geese — two adults and five goslings — waddled along the side of the I-80/94 followed by two police cruisers and a tow truck. A couple of good Samaritans in vehicles had initially provided an escort for the family of geese, before police showed up. The birds headed west and crossed the Illinois state line into Lansing, approaching the Wentworth Bridge.


Cops closed the road and helped get the geese off of the dangerous highway and into an a nearby neighborhood.

You can watch more video from NBC's live broadcast of GooseGate 2014 here. Because there is nothing more amazing than listening to a grown man and trained journalist describe cops herding geese off of a highway.

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One time I was driving in the Redwood Shores neighborhood in NorCal. The asshole in a fancy Mercedez slammed on his brakes and I rear ended him.

Turns out he stopped for some ducklings and "he" was Larry Ellison. The damage was minimal to my car - none on his. He gave me his assistant's phone number and she sent me a check directly so that I didn't have to call my insurance.