Chet Hanks's Ex-Girlfriend Files Assault Lawsuit Against Him On the Premiere Day of 'White Boy Summer'

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Screenshot: Chet Hanx

On Tuesday night Chet Hanks dropped a video for a thing that he claims is a piece of music titled “White Boy Summer” which I will not dignify with any further comment. Also on Tuesday, Kiana Parker, an ex-girlfriend of Hanks filed a lawsuit against him alleging that he “assaulted and threatened her on multiple occasions,” according to Vulture. Parker also claims that Hanks threatened a “murder-suicide” sometime before she broke up with him.


Hanks, whose entire internet persona is built around being a white man who fetishizes Black culture and Black women, is accused in the suit of shoving Parker and calling her a “ghetto Black bitch” after an argument over Parker wanting to go out to eat. Parker’s suit also alleges that in December while the couple was in Texas, Hanks threatened to “blow [her] brains out” in front of Parker’s children, who were nine years old at the time. Parker claims that Hanks owned a firearm at the time he made the threat.

But Hanks’s legal team claims that Parker’s suit alleging assault is merely a ploy to divert attention from the suit Hanks filed against Parker claiming that she spent “no less than $5,759.91,” an oddly specific amount on Hanks’s debit card, without his knowledge or permission. Hanks also claims in his suit, filed in March, that Parker stole several thousand dollars’ worth of furniture from him and showed up to their shared home with three “menacing” men on the day she was moving out. Parker mentions these men in her suit and claims they were simply movers hired to help her take her belongings out of the home.

It would appear that White Boy Summer is turning into Courthouse Summer for Chet and his fake accent.



I mean hey, did anyone NOT think White Boy Summer would involve assaulting women?