In late February, Labrie was back in court petitioning a judge for a new trial based on ineffective counsel. During a hearing, one of Labrie’s lawyers, Jaye Rancourt, said that Labrie’s out-of-state team mishandled the case. The lead attorney rebutted that testimony saying that the team prevented “toxic” evidence from being heard. According to CBS Boston, Labrie contends:

His former defense team harmed his case by waiting until he was convicted to challenge the computer charge and by missing opportunities to damage the credibility of key witnesses, including the victim and some of Labrie’s friends.


Alex Prout, Chessy’s father, disagrees with Labrie’s petition. When NBC asked Prout if he felt that Labrie was “adequately defended the first time,” Prout responded, “I would say remarkably so.” Prout added that he and his family felt “anger, heartbreak, and disappointment” after seeing Labrie in court again. He believes that the best outcome is that Labrie will “eventually take responsibility for what he did to my daughter.”