Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things to Become HBO Series

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Less than a year after the release of Wild, the film based upon author Cheryl Strayed’s memoir by the same name, HBO has announced the production of a drama series based on her collection of “Dear Sugar” advice columns, Tiny Beautiful Things.

According to Deadline, both Reese Witherspoon, who portrayed Strayed in Wild, and Dern, who portrayed Strayed’s deceased mother, have signed on for this project as well. Along with Strayed and her husband, filmmaker Brian Lindstrom, Witherspoon and Dern will “executive produce with Witherspoon’s producing partner at Pacific Standard, Bruna Papandrea, as well as Jayme Lemons.”

The series will tackle the recurrent themes of Tiny, Beautiful Things, a text both famous and beloved for refusing to eschew life’s fundamental disorder — and the pain that so often emerges from it. Deadline reports:

“Strayed and her husband...will write the TV adaptation, set to explore love, loss, lust and life through the eyes of a Portland family who live by the mantra that the truth will never kill you.”


Those of us who have turned to Strayed as an emotional guide and source of comfort will, no doubt, eagerly anticipate this upcoming series just as we excitedly awaited Wild.

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Is “Wild” worth watching then? I’ve flicked by it on Netflix a few times but never had the heart to put it on.