Cheryl Boone Isaacs Will Be the Academy's President for Another Year

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Following a year full of Oscars So White controversy, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has re-elected its president Cheryl Boone Isaacs.


Deadline reports that this will be “a fourth and final one-year term” for Isaacs and that no one ran against her. Also:

The vote came from the Academy’s Board of Directors, which recently added seven new members including Steven Spielberg and Laura Dern as well as three governors-at-large appointed in January by Boone Isaacs: Reginald Hudlin, Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Gregory Nava.


As the face of an organization full of old white people with far too few members who looked like her, Isaacs has dealt with tons of controversy and conflict over the years; after this year’s Oscars, the Academy has made attempts to rectify its diversity issues by updating its process and recruiting a more diverse pool of new members. In June, they invited 683 members, 46 percent of which were women and 41 percent people of color.

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Marzipan in your Pie Plate

no one ran against her

Yeah, I don’t think anyone else wants this gig right now. Good luck to her. It’s obviously an uphill battle.