I don't know who won The Voice last night. I don't care who won The Voice last night. What I do care about — and what we all should be caring about — is that last night on The Voice, Cher performed live on television for the first time in over 10 years. Her new song is a dance track called "Woman's World" and it will likely be played exclusively at drag shows.

Here are a handful of observations (out of countless observations) on her performance:

  • CHER, veteran of show business, does not even try to match her backing track because CHER sings what she pleases when she pleases.
  • CHER is 67-years-old.
  • CHER looks great.
  • This is sort of like watching your grandma do karaoke if your grandma was a hot leather daddy.
  • 1:25 mark: USHER watching CHER.
  • It worked for Beyonce. Why can't it work for CHER?
  • This is a dream state. We are living in a dream.

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